Tiesh-The home to the world’s largest commercial Blue Star Sapphire

The world’s largest-ever commercial Blue Star Sapphire now resides in Kandy, Sri Lanka at ‘Tiesh’, Sri Lanka’s largest Gems and Jewellery Emporium at No. 676, Peradeniya Road in the country’s central hill capital. The ‘Tiesh Blue Empress’, as she has been christened, weighs 332 carats and is a Ceylon Blue Star Sapphire. Her current owners, the De Fonseka family of…

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The Mystique of Black Silver

Tiesh’s highly anticipated “Black Temptations” collection was launched in 2015 to much fanfare. The collection featured exquisite black silver jewellery, lavishly studded with precious and semi-precious Sri Lankan gem stones. What really stands out about the collection that was relaunched in 2019 is the use of black rhodium plated 925 sterling silver. The collection therefore, presents itself in an amazing…

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The 4 Cs of a Diamond

Cut: This includes the various proportions, angles, symmetrical facets, brilliance, fire, scintillation, and polish of a diamond. All of these will determine if and how much the diamond can sparkle and the overall look and feel of the diamond. A proper cut grade is necessary for a diamond to be brought to life. The angle in which light strikes the…

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