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Lasantha De Fonseka
Managing Director and Founder
Bryony De Fonseka
Director and Co-Founder
Thiyasha De Fonseka
Ayesh De Fonseka

The Tiesh Emporium is designed with the intention of sparking a desire to delve into the milestones of the gem industry; from the history of the stones to the entire production, prior to becoming a gift of love, a family heirloom or an indulgence to the customer. As a family-owned company comprising of Lasantha, Bryony, Thiyasha and Ayesh de Fonseka, we are driven by our collective vision and indistinguishable passion for high quality and specialist workmanship. Every individual gemstone and piece of jewellery you’ll find at Tiesh represents our family’s commitment towards upholding our tradition of creativity, rarity and quality without compromise.

Being one of Sri Lanka’s leading contemporary jewellers, Tiesh is not only a jewellery store with a reputation to match. It is also an engaging and hands-on learning experience. It inspires that ethereal feel of being ensconced in a world of one’s own, in which gems and jewellery take precedence. A step into our showrooms will lure you to luxuriate in the story of every sparkle uniquely created just for you.


To be the premier high quality gems and jewellery supplier to Sri Lanka and the world


To source, design, and curate jewellery using only the finest, ethically sourced gem stones and precious metals to give our valued clientele only the best. To be the benchmark for jewellery, locally and internationally. To actively help uplift the local gem industry and in doing so, contribute to the economic,social and cultural upliftment of the nation.

Core Values




Social Responsibility






Unparalleled quality

A legacy of excellence

Every gemstone, and eventually, each jewellery creation, passes through the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the De Fonseka Family who take a personal interest in the sourcing of the stones, and the entire production process, up to the finished product. Our desire, at Tiesh, is to inspire that ethereal feel of being ensconced in a world of your own, where you’re lured to luxuriate in the story of every sparkle, uniquely created just for you.


The most beautiful sapphires the world over

Only the most beautiful and immaculate Ceylon blue sapphires earn the right to be featured in our Gallery of Sapphires. With decades of expertise, every facet is brought to life. Today, Ceylon blue sapphires reign as amongst the most valuable and beautiful precious stones in the world, symbolizing Tiesh’s promise for uncompromising quality and incomparable cut and colour. Our sapphires are unique in that the stone has an almost unlimited choice of cuts. The majority you will find as Oval, Round, and Cushion cuts.

However, you will see in our store that we carry a full range of cuts, including some very unique, exquisite cuts. Every technique, cut, polish, process and detail etched in stone and wrought in metal by our skilled gem artisans at Tiesh edges the Ceylon blue sapphire towards perfection. Meticulously handcrafted, artfully set, understatedly elegant, what is done in the pursuit of perfection every step of the way is always done well. And when that magnificent blue sapphire is painstakingly set into precious metal by hand? A vision to behold is born.

The Gallery of Sapphires

27,000 square feet in size, the Tiesh showroom in Kandy goes on record as having Sri Lanka’s largest gem and jewellery emporium under one roof. It is conveniently located at 676, Peradeniya Road, Kandy and is a veritable treasure trove filled with dazzling gems and exquisite, intricately designed, meticulously crafted jewellery.

The expansive space also includes a theatre which screens an informative film on the history and the arduous mining process of gems in Sri Lanka. There is also a replica mineshaft which is a great attraction to the tourists as they get to see firsthand what a gem mine looks like. Additionally, there is also an interactive workshop where guests are encouraged to walk through the workshop and see the process of making jewellery. The piece de resistance is however the gem and jewellery showroom which is situated on the first floor of the building. With a keen eye for detail, the one-of-a-kind jewellery is crafted to international standards and designed to mesmerize.

The showroom features an exquisite array of authentic gems and handcrafted pieces ofjewellery set in both precious and semi-precious gem stones, highlighting the world famed Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires and more. All items are intricately designed with precious metals ranging from gold (yellow, white and rose in 22k, 18k and 14k) to sterling silver.


Responsible sapphire mining and sustainability

At Tiesh, we pride ourselves on being a responsible jeweller. Integrity and social responsibility are at the core of our sourcing practices. We obtain our Ceylon Blue Sapphires, diamonds and other raw precious stones and metals through direct sourcing relationships and from known mines and sources that operate in socially responsible ways. In keeping with our commitment to responsible sourcing, we can tell you the story behind each and every piece of jewellery handcrafted in our factories, from source to showcase. And that is what makes all the difference. Visit us to speak to a Tiesh artisan today.

Transcending jewellery

At Tiesh, our commitment is towards enhancing the customer experience and feel of being part of something more than the mere purchase of a dazzling piece of jewellery. It is an immersive journey into a culture, spawned centuries ago, in a land which continues to appeal to the heart of gems and jewellery connoisseurs from around the world. We pride ourselves on providing every client with an engaging and hands-on learning experience- inspiring that ethereal feel of being ensconced in a world of one’s own, in which gems and jewellery take precedence.

Discover Tiesh

Explore our Colombo showroom at 253, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

Visit our flagship store in Kandy at 676, Peradeniya Road, Kandy.

We're open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm- unless otherwise mandated by the government.

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